What is DCJS?

DCJS stands for the Department of Criminal Justice Services. All licensing for Security Officers (armed and unarmed), Private Investigators, Personal Protection Specialists (bodyguards), along with all businesses involved in the security industry, are maintained through DCJS.

Are Security Officers considered Law Enforcement?

DCJS certified Security Officers are NOT considered Law Enforcement. Armed Security Officers, on site and under contract restraints, are able to detain, questions, and if required, arrest individuals in the act of certain criminal activity.

What is the difference between ARMED and UNARMED security?

An Armed Security Officer, within the constraints of the law, able to physically intervene when witnessing criminal acts. They are able to question, trespass, detain, and if required, arrest individuals in the act of criminal activity.
Unarmed Security Officers offer services in the realm of “observe and report”. This means they are strictly for deterring criminal activity and cannot interview on any level without contacting local law enforcement officers.

How long are your services for? Contract duration?

Security contracts can be as long as required. From hourly to annual, we can provide a wide range of services for a variety or situations.

What does PPS mean?

PPS stands for Personal Protective Services. Think of a PPS agent as a well trained bodyguard or very specialized security professional. Executives, highly mobile individuals (frequent travelers), high risk clients, individuals of extreme wealth, high profile or celebrities, and those with a known specific threat are all candidates for PPS agent support. Contact us directly if you feel you require a specific security presence.

How do I start a career in security?

To start your security training, find a reputable school house that specializes in DCJS training (we are more the happy to point you in the right direction). You will be required to pass a criminal background check, fingerprint filing, and a number of hours in both class room and range instruction and testing before you will certified a Security Officer in the eyes of Virginia DCJS. Each specialized area of security operations requires its own training (PPS, PI, ARMED, etc…).
If you come from the military, LEO, or SOF backgrounds, contact us direct to answer any questions you may have.